About, mostly I’m a painter these days, and started the teamwork with the images posted here  about a year ago. However the collages posted here are all new, made this year. And the collectors update their own folders and so on. But previously I was an attorney, and retired owing to disabilities. I had other careers as well, but I was mostly known for practicing law. And I always did Art of some kind; but it is only since I’ve been retired that I’ve been able to paint so much. If you are on FB, I’m in several groups there.

See also my ‘profile’ and my ‘contact data’.

Henry Jay Koehler.


It is a new year now, 2017, and the bio above is not new. None of the artwork and such listed above as “new”, are not new anymore.

Since then, I’ve made many galleries, taking down the old collage posts to make room for them in this wordpress account. I’m planning to make an Index for the Galleries.

I have been mentioned in several places online, and recently saw my site listed in the new edition of Julie Eclair’s PhotoList . My site here is mentioned on a short list of sites by artists who use her List, and the photo/image tools on it. Since someone asked me publicly which apps I use to make my image galleries, I’ll share them:

Paint.net, IrfanView, Michael Vinther’s Image Analyzer, Pixolution’s Image Sorter, and the FastStone Image Viewer for Windows. Sometimes, I use Picasa 3, especially for the collages; google no longer supports Picasa.

About 5 of us used to collaborate in collections and galleries, and I was the group’s curator. Since then, we have all moved on to other things. As I continue removing collage posts, if you find that one you wanted is gone, write to me and I will upload and post it for you.



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