Misty Dawn

My best gallery of Misty Dawn, Jock Sturges’ favorite muse.

In this gallery you may see more than one scan of an image. The different scans were made and uploaded by different people, and at different times. When the different scans were not duplicates of each other, they have been kept. Normally, in my galleries, there is only one image of each.

Although most of his photos are not tinted in his published books, the online scans often are; so, the scanner or someone tinted them; and so I have altered some of the tints, usually reducing them, to make the image closer to Jock’s black and white original.


                                              Misty Dawn

.md0060a md0070a md75 md0080a md84 md00200 md00300 md00350 md351 md00400 md01000 md01100a md01200 md01300 md01400 md01500 md01700 md01800 md1910 md1911 md1950 md02000 md2010 md02200 md02300 md02400a md02500 md2510 md2523 md02600 md02800 md2830 md2850 md02900 md2950 md003000 md3010 md03100 md03200a md03300 md04000 md04100 md04400 md04500a md04600 md04800 md04900 md05000 md5010 md5110 md05200 md5250 md5260 md05300 md05400 md05500a md05600 md05700 md05800a md5810 md05900 md06000 md06100 md06300 md06400 md6510 md6550 md06600 md06700 md06800 md6810 md06900a md07000 md7010 md7020 md7050 md07060 md07100 md7125 md7150 md07200 md07400 md07500 md7610 md7701 md07800 md07900 md08100 md08200 md8250 md08300 md8310 md08400 md08500 md8505 md8510 md8650 md08800a md09000 md09100a md09200 md09300 md09400a md09500 md09600 md09800 md09900 md10000 md10100 md10200 md10300 md10350 md10360 md10400a md10459 md10470 md10500 md10600 md10700 md10800 md10900 md11000 md11100 md11110 md11210 md11300 md11400 md11500


md11700 md11750 md11760 md11810 md11820 md11830 md12000 md12100 md12200 md12250 md12300 md12410a md12500a md12600a md12700 md12800 md12900a md13000 md13100 md13200 md13300a md13400 md13500 md13600 md13700 md13800 md13900 md14000 md14100 md14200 md14300 md14400 md14500 md14550 md14600a md14700 md14800a md14900 md15100


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