Model Homes VII


This is Model Homes VII, my 3rd b&w gallery of models in homes. Happy Summer to everyone, and my followers and viewers. If you are new to this blog, these are photos of models at home, models in homes, or models in sets modeled after homes. Enjoy.


mhcbw300100 mhcbw300200 mhcbw300210 mhcbw300300 mhcbw300900 mhcbw300910 mhcbw301000 mhcbw301010 mhcbw301100 mhcbw301110 mhcbw301120 mhcbw301200 mhcbw301210 mhcbw301300 mhcbw301400 mhcbw301500 mhcbw301600 mhcbw301700 mhcbw301800 mhcbw301900 mhcbw302000 mhcbw302100 mhcbw302200 mhcbw302300 mhcbw302400 mhcbw302500 mhcbw302600 mhcbw302800 mhcbw302900 mhcbw302910 mhcbw303000 mhcbw303100amhcbw303200 mhcbw303300 mhcbw303400 mhcbw303500 mhcbw303600 mhcbw303700 mhcbw303900 mhcbw304000 mhcbw304100 mhcbw304200 mhcbw304300 mhcbw304400 mhcbw304500 mhcbw304600 mhcbw304700 mhcbw304800 mhcbw304900 mhcbw305000 mhcbw305100

Ali Michael for Anew (Spring-Summer 2013) photo shoot by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello

mhcbw305300 mhcbw305400 mhcbw305500 mhcbw305600b mhcbw305700 mhcbw305800 mhcbw305805 mhcbw305810 mhcbw306000 mhcbw306100 mhcbw306200 mhcbw306300 mhcbw306310 mhcbw306400 mhcbw306500 mhcbw306600 mhcbw306700 mhcbw306800 mhcbw306900 mhcbw307000 mhcbw307100 mhcbw307200 mhcbw307300 mhcbw307400 mhcbw307500 mhcbw307600 mhcbw307700 mhcbw307800 mhcbw307900 mhcbw308000 mhcbw308100 mhcbw308200 mhcbw308300 mhcbw308400 mhcbw308500 mhcbw308600 mhcbw308700 mhcbw308800 mhcbw308900 mhcbw309000 mhcbw309100 mhcbw309200 mhcbw309300 mhcbw309400mhcbw309500a mhcbw309600 mhcbw309800 mhcbw309900 mhcbw310000 mhcbw310100 mhcbw310200 mhcbw310300 mhcbw310400 mhcbw310500 mhcbw310600 mhcbw310610 mhcbw310700 mhcbw310800 mhcbw310803a mhcbw310804a mhcbw310805a mhcbw310900 mhcbw310910 mhcbw310915 mhcbw310917 mhcbw310920 mhcbw311000 mhcbw311100 mhcbw311200 mhcbw311300 mhcbw311400 mhcbw311500 mhcbw311600 mhcbw311700 mhcbw311800 mhcbw311900 mhcbw312000 mhcbw312010 mhcbw312110 mhcbw312111 mhcbw312111a mhcbw312113 mhcbw312114 mhcbw312200 mhcbw312210 mhcbw312300 mhcbw312400 mhcbw312500 mhcbw312600 mhcbw312700 mhcbw312800 mhcbw313000 mhcbw313100 mhcbw313200 mhcbw314900




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