Model Homes III

The images here, are a photo-essay on the theme of Model Homes: models in homes, models at home, or, models in sets modeled after homes.

This is my last set of interiors; the previous set were Doorways, Color and B&W; and Windows, Color and B&W, respectively.

There are two color galleries and one b&w gallery for Model Homes. Below, is B & W Gallery #1; enjoy.



massimo_9 001

mhbw0100 mhbw110a mhbw112 mhbw116 mhbw117 mhbw121 mhbw121a mhbw122 mhbw124 mhbw126 mhbw128 mhbw130 mhbw140 mhbw160 mhbw200 mhbw270 mhbw275 mhbw280 mhbw290 mhbw0300 mhbw310 mhbw320 mhbw330 mhbw332 mhbw334 mhbw340 mhbw350 mhbw360 mhbw370 mhbw400 mhbw0600 mhbw650 mhbw1000 mhbw1100 mhbw1200 mhbw1300 mhbw1581a mhbw1600 mhbw1700


mhbw1710 mhbw1720 mhbw2900 mhbw3000 mhbw3100 mhbw3200 mhbw3300 mhbw3340 mhbw6300 mhbw6700 mhbw6800 mhbw6820 mhbw6830 mhbw6835 mhbw6836 mhbw6837 mhbw6840 mhbw6845 mhbw06850 mhbw6900 mhbw6910 mhbw6950 mhbw6960


mhbw7100 mhbw7234a mhbw7300 mhbw7400 mhbw7500 mhbw7600 mhbw7650 mhbw7700 mhbw7710 mhbw7800 mhbw7900 mhbw15000 mhbw45000 mhc20200





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