Model Homes II

The images here, are a photo-essay on the theme of Model Homes: models in homes, models at home, or, models in sets modeled after homes.

This is my last set of interiors; the previous set were Doorways, Color and B&W; and Windows, Color and B&W, respectively.

There are two color galleries and one b&w gallery for Model Homes. Below, is Color Gallery #2; enjoy.


.mhc20010a mhc20070 mhc20080 mhc20090 mhc20092 mhc20094 mhc20100 mhc20102 mhc20108 mhc20110 mhc20112 mhc20114 mhc20120 mhc20130 mhc20140 mhc20160 mhc20170 mhc20180 mhc20182 mhc20210 mhc20220 mhc20230 mhc20240 mhc20270 mhc20340 mhc20350 mhc20380 mhc20381 mhc20382 mhc20390 mhc20391 mhc20392 mhc20400 mhc20410


mhc20430 mhc20440 mhc20442 mhc20444 mhc20445 mhc20446 mhc20448 mhc20449 mhc20450 mhc20480 mhc20490 mhc20500 mhc20510 mhc20540 mhc20546

mhc20550mhc20560 mhc20570 mhc20580 mhc20590 mhc20600 mhc20610 mhc20620 mhc20640 mhc20650 mhc20660 mhc20690

DCF 1.0

mhc20710 mhc20712 mhc20714 mhc20720 mhc20720a mhc20721 mhc20722 mhc20723 mhc20724 mhc20725 mhc20727


mhc20729a mhc20730 mhc20740 mhc20750 mhc20752 mhc20760 mhc20770 mhc20780 mhc20790 mhc20800 mhc20820 mhc20830


mhc20834 mhc20840 mhc20845 mhc20850 mhc20890 mhc20892 mhc20910 mhc20950 mhc20952 mhc20960 mhc20970 mhc20980 mhc20990 mhc21000 mhc21002 mhc21010 mhc21020 mhc21022 mhc21030 mhc21034 mhc21036 mhc21040 mhc21050 mhc21060 mhc21062 mhc21064 mhc21066 mhc21068 mhc21069






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