Model Homes

The images here, are a photo-essay on the theme of Model Homes: models in homes, models at home, or, models in set modeled after homes.

This is my last set of interiors; the previous set were Doorways, Color and B&W; and Windows, Color and B&W, respectively.

There are two color galleries and on b&w gallery for Model Homes. Below, is Color Gallery #1; enjoy.


.mhc0030 mhc36 mhc38 mhc40 mhc40a mhc40b mhc41 mhc41a mhc42 mhc44 mhc46 mhc48 mhc0050 mhc0060 mhc62 mhc0070 mhc73 mhc0080 mhc0090 mhc0100 mhc0110 mhc0120 mhc122 mhc123 mhc124 mhc126 mhc127 mhc128 mhc128a mhc130 mhc132 mhc133 mhc134 mhc136 mhc139 mhc142 mhc143 mhc144 mhc146 mhc150 mhc151 mhc152

mhc154 mhc160


mhc165 mhc166 mhc0400 mhc0440 mhc0450 mhc0460 mhc0470 mhc0480 mhc0490 mhc491 mhc492 mhc493 mhc494 mhc498 mhc0500 mhc0520 mhc0530 mhc534 mhc0540 mhc546 mhc547 mhc548 mhc548a mhc549 mhc0551 mhc552 mhc553 mhc554 mhc0560 mhc0570 mhc0580 mhc582 mhc594 mhc594a mhc594b mhc595a mhc595b mhc596 mhc598 mhc0600 mhc601a mhc602 mhc604 mhc0620 mhc0630 mhc0640 mhc0650 mhc660 mhc662 mhc0670 mhc675 mhc0680 mhc0690 mhc0700 mhc0710 mhc0720 mhc722 mhc0730 mhc0740 mhc742 mhc744 mhc0750 mhc750a mhc751 mhc751a mhc752 mhc752a mhc754 mhc0760 mhc762 mhc0770 mhc775 mhc0820


Write to me if you want info about the images: photographer, model, product, original publication, etc.






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