Art Photography: Doorways, Color, 3rd collection.

Art Photography: Doorways, Color, 3rd collection. For you artists that like design and formalism in photography; and for you photographers who work with beautiful and talented models.

. dc30120 dc30130 dc30132 dc30140 dc30150 dc30151a dc30152a dc30153a dc30154a dc30170 dc30180 dc30181 dc30182 dc30186 dc30190 dc30192 dc30194 dc30200 dc30202 dc30210 dc30215 dc30220 dc30225 dc30230 dc30250 dc30260 dc30270 dc30280 dc30290 dc30300 dc30318 dc30320 dc30322 dc30330 dc30340 dc30342 dc30350 dc30352 dc30360 dc30370 dc30380 dc30390 dc30400 dc30402 dc30410 dc30420 dc30440 dc30442 dc30444 dc30446 dc30450 dc30452 dc30454 dc30456 dc30458 dc30460 dc30470 dc30472 dc30485 dc30500 dc30540

Scanned & colour managed by Idea Digital Imaging Ltd. Job reference 20354.

dc30550 dc30560


dc30570 dc30590 dc30600a dc30610 dc30620 dc30640 dc30650 dc30652 dc30670 dc30680 dc30690 dc30720


One thought on “Art Photography: Doorways, Color, 3rd collection.

  1. I waited a long time to see those galleries. Henry, you were holding back; your collages are fine, but too big and too many pictures for the typical viewer. I’m glad you’ve finally shown us those galleries. Also, both Doorways #3 are new, aren’t they? Are there collages from them?


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