Art Photography: Doorways, Color, second collection.

Uploading these galleries which you have asked to see, from which the collages you ‘liked’ were made, should have been done last year. Can I reward your patience, my viewers and fans?
The second color Doorways photo essay.

.cd21042 cd21052 cd21062 cd21072 cd21082 cd21092 cd21094 cd21095 cd21096 cd21097 cd21098 cd21099 cd21100 cd21101 cd21101a cd21102 cd21105 cd21108 cd21112 cd21115 cd21403 cd21405 cd21603 cd21703 cd21705 cd21803 cd21902 cd21903 cd21904 cd21906 cd21908 cd21910 cd21912 cd22104 cd22106 cd22108 cd22110 cd22111 cd22205 cd22207 cd22303 cd22305 cd22306 cd22307 cd22307a cd22309 cd23003 cd23303 cd23503 cd23703 cd23803 cd24203a cd24390 cd24400 cd24400a cd24400ab cd24401 cd24402a cd24403 cd24405 cd24407 cd26026 cd26036 cd26076 cd26202 cd26904






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