Art Photography: Doorways, Color, first collection.

Uploading these galleries which you have asked to see, from which the collages you ‘liked’ were made, should have been done last year. Can I reward your patients, my viewers and fans?

This is the first color photo essay called Doorways.

.cd0703 cd1203 cd1303 cd1403 cd1410 cd1503 cd1603 cd1703 cd1803 cd1903 cd2003 cd2103 cd2203 cd2303 cd2403 cd2503 cd2603 cd2703 cd2803 cd2903 cd3003 cd3103 cd3203 cd3303 cd3403 cd3503 cd3603 cd3703 cd3803 cd3903 cd4003 cd4103 cd4203 cd4303 cd4503 cd4603 cd4703 cd4803 cd4903 cd5003 cd5203 cd5303 cd5403 cd5503 cd5603 cd5703 cd5803 cd5910 cd6203 cd6303 cd6403 cd6503 cd6603 cd6703 cd6803 cd6903 cd7203 cd7503 cd7603  cd8103cd9003cd7803 cd8203





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