The City – Photo Essays – Gallery 4.

This is The City, 4th Collection. Originally Jae Kamel and me made these for each other, in a competitive spirit. Today, I’m the curator for his image collections online, as well as for 3 others.

I hope you enjoy this collection.

.c4042a  c4070 c40010 c40012 c40020 c40022 c40030 c40035 c40040a  c40050 c40080 c40134 c40190 c40195 c40201 c40210 c40212 c40214 c40230 c40260 c40271a c40272 c40273 c40274 c40276a  **SMOKING STARS** Joaquin Phoenix sports a mustache as he stops for a smoke break in Los Angeles c40290 c40300 c40301 c40302 c40320 c40322 c40328 c40329 c40329a c40330 c40332 c40333 c40334 c40340 c40344 c40354 c40356a  c40358 c40360 c40360a c40360b c40361a c40391 c40392 c40411a  c40412 c40413 c40414 c40416a  c40417 c40418a c40421 c40422ab c40423ab c40423b c40423c c40424 c40426 c40440 c40441 c40442 c40451b c40480 c40500 c40501 c40506 c40512 c40520 c40540a c40540b c40541 c40541a c40542 c40542a c40542b c40544  c40550ab c40552 c40552a c40553 c40560 c40562 c40621 c40623  c40626ab c40670 c40720 c40722 c40820 c40880 c40881 c40882 c4098098







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