The City – Photo Essays – Gallery 5.

The City – Photo Essays – Galleries.

These are the galleries, which were made into collages and posted here

However, even though the collages were in chronological order, I’m uploading the most recent City gallery first, The City, 5th Collection, today. After the collages were published, Jae said that he had lost interest in the series. We had much fun, competing with each other for the first 4 galleries, 2 each. See The City!  for more info.

So, today there are 5  The City! galleries, similar to the originals but not identical. I apply my artistic skill and knowledge to these collections, and of course I would hope that you love these. However, artists and photographers, especially those of you who are both, will like The City! collections best of anyone, I think. It has been that way so far, almost all the ‘likes’ are from artists and photographers; and then other collectors sometimes like this series. If you’re new to my site, both Jae Kamel’s and my City galleries were shown on FB first, then here on WP; and collectors liked them there.


.cty50020 cty50040 cty50050 cty50060 cty50070 cty50080 cty50090 cty50100 cty50110 cty50120 cty50130 cty50140 cty50160 cty50170 cty50180 cty50190 cty50200 cty50202 cty50210 cty50212 cty50220 cty50230 cty50240 cty50250 cty50260 cty50261 cty50262 cty50270 cty50280 cty50290 cty50291a cty50292a cty50293a cty50293b cty50294a cty50295a cty50296a cty50298 cty50300 cty50310 cty50312 cty50320 cty50330 cty50340 cty50344 cty50350 cty50360 cty50370 cty50380 cty50390 cty50400 cty50410 cty50420 cty50430 cty50450 cty50460 cty50470 cty50480 cty50490 cty50500 cty50510 cty50530 cty50540 cty50550 cty50560 cty50570 cty50590 cty50600 cty50610 cty50620 cty50630 cty50640 cty50650 cty50660 cty50670 cty50671 cty50680 cty50690 cty50700 cty50702 cty50710 cty50720 cty50730 cty50732 cty50740 cty50741 cty50750 cty50760 cty50770 cty50780 cty50800 cty50810 cty50815a cty50820 cty50830 cty50840 cty50850 cty50860 cty50870 cty50880 cty50890 cty50900 cty50910 cty50912 cty50914 cty50915 cty50916 cty50918a cty50920 cty50970 cty50980 cty50990 cty501000 cty501010 cty501020 cty501030 cty501040 cty501050 cty501060 cty501080 cty501090 cty501100 cty501102 cty501110 cty501120 cty501130

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