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Hello there, I’m Jae Kameleno-460x288. I’m the originator of JKU, and Jone Dae60557_buk14_123_67lo is my friend and research partner. I’m sharing one of our Lists with you today, which you might have missed were you not following our e-zine. 

David Bohm David Bohm was a major figure in the 20th century. Founder of “the 4th school” of Quantum Physics, his Quantum Mechanics textbook is still in print; friend and protege’ of Albert Einstein; friend and companion of Jiddu Krishnamurti. See more in the websites below. 

The is the David Bohm Links List. 

                                               Bohm Links and Files

                                               28jan14 Update


www.biroz.net/words/irsonos.htm    }David Bohm’s “rheomode”. The ‘rheomode’ is a mode of language which aims to move the language away from a stop-motion image of reality, in which flows and processes are viewed only as a series of stages or pictures, to an image of reality which reflects a more flowing, continuous, process-related conceptualisation.

http://www.bizcharts.com/stoa_del_sol/plenum/plenum_3.html   }presentation of Bohm’s Implicate order.

http://david-bohm.net/   }page with quote from, and websites about David Bohm, w/w/o Krishnamurti, etc.

http://www.david-bohm.net/dialogue/   }Gateway page for Bohm Dialogs, in England. . Mr. Kamel has participated in these so contact us for a review if interested. You may also skip the intro page and go directly to www.david-bohm.org/mailman/listinfo/dialogue   }and the simple instructions are there. The automated portions of their listserver and website sometimes malfunction.

http://fusionanomaly.net/davidbohm.html   }Study and science of consciousness, etc., by David Bohm, contemporaries, etc., on a difficult to read page. Enjoy.

http://plasmadictionary.llnl.gov/terms.lasso?-MaxRecords=1&-SkipRecords=11&-SortField=Term&-SortOrder=ascending&-Op=bw&ABC=B&page=detail   }sample from the Plasma Dictionary, namely, the term “Bohm diffusion”, named after the plasma physicist David Bohm (yes, the same David Bohm).

http://members.lycos.co.uk/bohmcomment/commentary.html   }Discussion of some of Bohm’s important ideas in a simulated dialog or conversation format.

http://www.psychicsahar.com/artman/publish/article_69.shtml   }Another writer’s opinions about Thought As A System .

http://www.simurgh.net/nada/planet/dbohm.htm   }Conversation and discussion with Bohm about The Ending of Time and Krishnamurti, etc.  We found the page a little hard to read.

www.vision.net.au/~apaterson/science/david_bohm.htm    }more on David Bohm. The article on this page about the life and work of world renowned quantum physicist, David Bohm, was written by Will Keepin and was originally posted online by the Shavano Institute at: http://www.shavano.org/text_only_html/bohm.html#Quest (link now dead). 2012 Update: You can find out more about the defunct Shavano Institute on your own, meanwhile here is this: http://www.tutorgigpedia.com/ed/David_Bohm   }”David Joseph Bohm FRS[1] (20 December 1917 27 October 1992) was an American quantum physicist who contributed to theoretical physics, philosophy of mind, and neuropsychology.”

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohm_Dialogue   }A few notes on the dialogs started by David Bohm, et al, and pioneered by him with Krishnamurti. Cf. Needleman’s writings about dialog or conversation in Why Can’t We Be Good? .

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bohm#The_holonomic_model_of_the_brain   }i.e., the work of Karl Pribram and Bohm together, etc. Perhaps holographic structures intersecting the brain to lead to cognition, as proposed.

http://www.zeropoint.ca/GSSD-4-6BOHM.html   }critique of David Bohm’s books, such as Wholeness and the Implicate Order; he provides, in fact, a good review of Bohm’s writings on holography, and the implicate order, etc., on this webpage.

http://www.zeropoint.ca/microcosm_4-2pribram.htm   }here he gives a fairly interesting critique of Pribram holographic brain/mind model. We’ve spent time thinking about Pribram’s and David Bohm’s holographic models, including for perception, thought, consciousness, etc., and find them interesting. It is rare to read book reviews by someone who is intelligent these days. We hope that you enjoy this one.


From the conclusion of the Divine Succession:

“The sociology of religion seems to me to be continually useful and I am sure that some of the trails of my mind pass through Ludwig Feuerbach, Max Weber, Karl Mannheim, Hans Vaihinger, Benjamin Nelson, and the pragmatists with philosophical links, such as William James and John Dewey. From here it is but a step to the commentators upon science, such as Percy Bridgman and Alfred North Whitehead. In 1873 John W. Draper published a History of the Conflict of Religion and Science, but today one seeks out also various works on the conflict of science itself within science. Among the best of these might be Owen Barfield’s Saving the Appearances, David Bohm’s Causality and Chance in Modern Physics, D.G. Garan’s The Key to the Sciences of Man, and Roger S. Jones’

Physics as Metaphor. Norbert Wiener’s famous works on communication science are supplemented by God and Golem, Inc.: A Comment of Certain Points Where Cybernetics Impinges on Religion. Roger Shinn and Paul Albrecht have edited a two volume collection on Faith and Science in an Unjust World. Among several dozen journals, Zygon: Journal  of Religion and Science, occurs in this connection. E.A. Shneour and E.A. Olteson have compiled writings and bibliography on Extraterrestrial Life.”



 -I’m Jone Dae. 🙂






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