David Bellemere…

I’ve been following and collecting the photographer David Bellemere for about 5 years now. Here’s a gallery of his work, I think you’ll love his work,
if you already like my collages and collections.
.db0020 db0030 db0050 db0060 db0070 db0080 db0090 db0100 db0110 db124 db0130 db0140 db0150 db0160 db0170 db0180 db0190 db0200 db0210 db0220 db0230 db0240 db0250 db0260 db0270 db0280 db0290 db0310 db0320 db0330 db0340 db0370 db0380 db0390 db0400 db0410 db0420 db432 db0440 db0450 db0460 db0470 db0480 db0490 db0500 db0510 db0520 db0530 db0540 db0550 db0560 db0570 db0580 db0590 db0600 db0610 db0620 db0640 db0660 db0670 db680 db682 db0690 db712 db714 db0720 db0730 db0740 db0750 db0760 db0790 db0800 db0810 db0820 db0840 db0860 db0870 db0880 db0890 db0910 db0920 db0930 db0940 db0950 db0960 db0970 db0980 db0990 db001000 db1000 db1010a db1040  db1070 db1080db1060a db1090



I’m Henry Jay Koehler.

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