Windows Collections Part Two – Color – II

My fellow bloggers, artists, photographers,

You really liked my “windows” collection, uploaded last year. Since that time,

I have redone it completely!  It is now two collections, Windows – Color – I, and

Windows – Color – II.

Similar in style and theme, etc., to my previous “Windows” collections,

one b&w and one color, this is two new galleries, both color versions of Windows. Let me know what you think of this?


Here is Part II:

winc2020 winc2030 winc20170 winc20210 winc20220 winc20230 winc20240 winc20242 winc20246 winc20250 winc20252 winc20254 winc20260 winc20262 winc20264 winc20270 winc20324 winc20326 winc20328 winc20330 winc20332 winc20334 winc20336 winc20338 winc20342 winc20344 ClicakHandler winc20400 winc20430 winc20530 winc20534 winc20578 winc20650 winc20680 winc20682 winc20684 winc20686 winc20688 winc20700 winc20702 winc20704a winc20706 winc20707 winc20708 winc20730 winc20732 winc20740 winc20760 winc20764 winc20770 winc20800 winc20802 winc20805 winc20806a winc20808 winc20810 winc20812 winc20813 winc20814 winc20816 winc20819 winc20820 winc20822 winc20824 winc20826 winc20828b winc20830 winc20832 winc20834 winc20860 winc20868 winc20870 winc20873a winc20874 winc20875 winc20876 winc20878 winc20880 winc20886 winc20888 winc20890 winc20892 winc20894 winc20910 winc200340 winc200341 winc200342a winc208900 winc209000 Womens3_008



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