New Windows Color part one Collections…

My fellow bloggers, artists, photographers,

You really liked my “windows” collection, uploaded last year. Since that time,

I have redone it completely!  It is now two collections, Windows – Color – I, and

Windows – Color – II. Today, only Part I is finished.


Here is Part I:

winc1000 winc1041 winc1041a winc1042a winc10042 winc10052 winc10062 winc10072 winc10082 winc10092 winc10102 winc10112 winc10122 winc10132 winc10142 winc10152 winc10162 winc10172 winc10182 winc10194 winc10202 winc10212 winc10222 winc10232 winc10242 winc10252 winc10262 winc10272 winc10282 winc10292 winc10302 winc10304 winc10314 winc10322a winc10323 winc10323a winc10324 winc10326 winc10326b winc10328 winc10332 winc10334 winc10382 winc10382a winc10383 winc10383a winc10384 winc10392 winc10394 winc10410 winc10412 winc10413 winc10413a winc10416 winc10417 winc10420 winc10562 winc10572 winc10592 winc10602 winc10612 winc10622 winc10623 winc10624 winc10632 winc10640 winc10642 winc10650 winc10652 winc10662 winc10672 winc10682 winc10692 winc10702 winc10712 winc10722 winc10724 winc10732 winc10742 winc10752 winc10762 winc10772 winc10782 winc10792 winc10802 winc10812 winc10822 winc10832 winc10842 winc10852 winc10860 winc10862 winc10872 winc10882 winc10922 winc10942


The next Part will be here soon.

Henry Jay





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