News feb 27, 2014 Electric Universe

Hello artists,

Our friend Dr. Jone Dae has posted some very interesting news and websites about our world, and our universe; I’m sure that some of you will already know about the issues, including climate change and the more violent and strange weather we’ve been having all over the country. So, go to and check out those blogs. She also posts galleries! Some of those are artists which she likes, others are galleries of Jae Kamel’s. Some of you will recall that I made collages of his famous “The City” series and posted them here; now he has a new one, and Jone has uploaded that to her blog.

Here’s a sample from those posts:

Today’s News with Jone Dae.

Today’s news. First is the latest on Saturn’s Mystery Hexagon.

There are video links in the page shown below,  for those who haven’t seen the hexagon yet.

Cassini images Saturn’s Hexagon

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Cassini images Saturn’s Hexagon

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-head over and check those out; I’ll have new collages or other artwork for you soon.


2 thoughts on “News feb 27, 2014 Electric Universe

  1. I love your work too, Henry. Thank you for reblogging that. I put a lot of work into my blog, when I even have any spare time at all. I’m still working two careers at once, as you know.


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