Art & Photography News 2014

Hello fellow Artists and Photographers!

The first month 0f 2014 is here now and almost gone; and we have entered the middle month of winter (1/20(approx) to 2/20(approx)); but I live on the west coast, in a city called Carson, and we have not had any winter yet, and are still waiting for one. But, there is news.

Ravel Patel, an artist friend and contributor to this blog, has been moving her photo collections from FB to her WP blog, and they’ve been doing very well there. Basically, though, that is the same thing that we are all doing, who have FB accounts and albums/galleries there, moving them here so that you may enjoy them, download if you like, and so on.  The difference is that we aren’t deleting the FB ones as she had to do.

I’m still curating the collections for five us, namely, myself, Jae Kamel, Jone Dae, Ravel Patel, and the late Jae Vrai. In some cases, the collections are mine alone, and from my FB albums/galleries usually. So, it seems that some of you would like to see those galleries presented here as just galleries, without the collage format. That I can do; and also some from Jae Vrai’s former collections. They’ll be posted separately.

The main news about these collections at this time is that Ravel Patel, when moving her collections to WP, also re-edited, and rearranged and enlarged them as well, sometimes greatly improving them in the process!  That is, the WP versions are some of her best work to date. And so, I’ll be uploading here, fresh collages of the new galleries which she has posted. In some cases, these will replace the previously posted collages.

She has uploaded, The Countryside – color version – 3 collections; The Beach – black and white version – the first of 2 collections, and Izabel Goulart, Giselle Bundchen, and Adriana Lima, all Brazilians. She is also planning to upload The Countryside – b&w version – 3 collections, she said. Her blog is at .

So, I’m posting here for you screenshots of my FB galleries, which I’ll eventually be uploading here. That is, not only collages of them, but also the galleries themselves, as Ravel has done, in response to your requests to see the collections. Where necessary, I’ll be deleting them from FB as well. Some of these galleries have already been uploaded here as collages.

I hope that all of you will continue to enjoy our work.

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