Happy Hallowe’en: new models….

October 24.

Two new models (from the past) for you tonight. Julie Eclair recently suggested to me that I could make a collage for specific FAN (Fine Art Nude) models. I don’t collect any specific FAN models, though, and neither does Jae (Kamel), so, I asked Julie for her suggestion. She picked two of her favorites, updated her galleries, and sent them to me; I did the usual last-minute editing, and made a few collages for you, my blogging friends.

These are the two models:

1. Andromeda.

2. Andrea, AKA Elena.

Andromeda, BTW, comes with a little story: apparently she died in 9/11, in one of the twin towers. Julie said that, the gallery disappeared between the time she first saw them, and the next time she checked, the second time to download them. She said, that was at least a year later, and the URL was dead. Then,  using the search tools that Jone and Jae have reviewed on JKU, Research List, she found another link to an old website. The images of both models are most likely from the 1990s, 1980s at the very earliest. After she downloaded the images, she put the URL on her Photo List; and then when re-checking the list sometime later, noticed that it was down. Jae Kamel was consulted, and verified that there was no Andromeda gallery left in the world. This meant that Julie had one of the only copies of that gallery in the world. There’s more: one of the websites was “in memorium” to her, written be a relative. So, it is a strange privilege to be able to share those with you now.

Andrea’s story is much shorter. She was an HQ FAN model from Russia, and often photographed by the famous Russian FAN photographers, listed on Julie’s Photolist. She was called “Elena” in some of those galleries. She was also featured on MET, MET Art, and similar websites. After that, she disappeared completely from the World Wide Web. Since her story is not known from then until now, this is another gallery of a beautiful young  model who may be deceased now.

Happy Hallowe’en.












andrea (2)

















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