About this blog…

Hello fellow bloggers,

   So, what exactly is this blog about?  I am using it to present and share, collages that I make from the image collections that I am curating. That is the basic

purpose of this; but sometimes I share other things, which you might like. I have done much with the collections of the late Jae Vrai of Boulder, which Jae Kamel

first saved (from deletion), and then later shared with me.

   If you have been following this blog, you know that I am curating the collections of five people: myself, Jae Kamel, Jone Dae, Ravel Patel, the late Jae Vrai. However,

I was at first testing WordPress, to see what it was good for and what it was not good for. Results?  It is not good for communication. Why? WordPress, the whole website,

lives in a kind of vacuum. It doesn’t matter which categories or tags or keywords you pick, virtually no one else in the world will see your work, your blog. Otherwise, I have found that

WordPress, is Good.

   Later, I will upload some more collages. I was planning to delete some of the earlier images and posts, but for now it is too much work. Why? Since I want to re-present the collages,

each one with credits for the gallery maker, a link to that gallery, and a slideshow & screensaver of each gallery, here if WordPress will let me upload the .exe and .scr files; some sites

will not. If not, then links to where they can be found online.

   Please feel free to write, comment with any suggestions, requests, or reactions that you have. The spam-blocker filters out much, but, I will reply to any question or comment

here, if it calls for a reply.

Henry Jay

October 24th Update – I have made new collages, from new or updated galleries of images which the others have sent to me. They have all been editing and updating their collection this Autumn. And as time allows, I’ll be deleting the original blog the collage first appeared in, so, if you wanted a copy of one of those download them ASAP.


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