About those Collages…Anouck Lepere, Color & b&w.

Hello again fellow Bloggers,

Well, some of you have pointed out that my first few posts had many collages, of many kinds and on many themes of subjects. I would like

to remedy that, by re-presenting them here to you in a more orderly manner, and perhaps just one subject or theme at a time. So,

Here are 8 collages of the famous Belgian Fashion Model, Anouck Lepere. Her gallery, if you’re interested, is here: http://on.fb.me/VEUtfc . However,

that is a somewhat older gallery. All of her images have been reprocessed by me, and a new gallery is here: http://bit.ly/12MGbOQ .

8 collages.

anouck (2)anouck

anouck3 (2) anouck2 (2) anouck1 (2) anouck (2)


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