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I’m doing something different for you today. It is the middle month of summer right now (roughly July 21 to Aug 21), and summer is in its glory. The wine will be good next year. I will be continuing with the collages for you, after this, and finishing up the presentation of Brazilian Models, with collages of three supermodels.

Today, though, something else from the collections of the late Jae Vrai: his poetry.  Jae Kamel has provided some info about them: Jae Vrai had made some of his poems available to the public online, and those too I downloaded after we got word of his demise. Yes, we were fb friends, and I feel comfortable that he would have wanted his collections to be online, perhaps in a blog. JV used to read his poems publicly, and the last place he read at, was the Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Café, where he was a featured reader. That was January 2012, shortly before his untimely demise. He once recommended Bukowski to me. If you aren’t a poet or reader, Charles Bukowski was an LA poet, famous for being a good poet and reader, and a fighting drunk, both at the same time.

There will be no collage of these poems. But also, it is very easy to get TMI these days, and I know everyone is already busy and pressed for time, we all are; hopefully some of you are among the many vacationers and tourists traveling now. So, I’ll upload for you just one poem at a time, so you have time to read it, reply or ‘like’, and so on. However, the collected poems will still be in my WordPress media library, so you can browse them if you want to.

All the poems presented come from the following collection, first published in 1990:

Dry Bones

Collected Works 1985-1990

in Five Parts:

I. Young Songs

II. Anthropofables

III. Reflective Visors

IV. Biff Duprix’s Journal

V. Sceneasons.

Published by:

The Eudemonics Holding Company

8407 NE Fremont #161

Portland, Oregon 97220


Jae Kamel mentioned, that Mr. Vrai also did the artwork which appears on the original 5 chapbooks.  I will make a note of which collection each poem is from. Enjoy the poetry.


August 16, 2013: The Poems, cont’d.

So, we are indebted to Mr. Jae Kamel for providing all these poems and images to is. The following intro is from him:

Mr. Vrai’s collection, Dry Bones, Collected Works II was published only in Salem, Ore, during his lifetime; and one of those was in chapbook form. The later poems in the folder or stored here as WordPress Media, were only published in Boulder, Co, where he was a featured reader. If any of you readers are published writers, you’ll know what I mean; referring the world of poetry, writing, and publishing, still as it was before everything electronic became so ubiquitous. All poets start out in some format, small and usually low-budget, even the ones who later enjoy fame and a series of successful books or poems. In the online collection, I downloaded what was there, a portion of the poems, and little info about the “chapters”, each one a separate book (poetry standards) which collectively comprise the book Dry Bones. So, after contacting folks there who knew him, I went to Boulder to try to find any hardcopies of his work or any other productions, whether for sale or not. Eventually, one of his friends at Naropa told me about the School Of Disembodied Poetry they have there, named after Jack Kerouac. And there, I was able to obtain some of his original chapbooks. These are available to you now, since I have scanned them into Word documents.

   The book is in this form: 65 poems, in 5 chapters of 13 poems each. There seem to be some indications that he knew, or knew about, the Kaballlah. I connect the dots like this: “Dry Bones” is the name of an old song, and the refrain of the song is “Come hear the Word of The Lord!”; therefore, this structure of 5 x 13 = 65, might be a word or name in Hebrew, according to what-they-call, Gematria. If any of you are Kabbalists or Jewish, you can help me out with that info, e-mail me at hillman1932@hotmail.com if you know the answer.

   The contents of the chapters or booklets, is as follows. Alas, the fourth and fifth parts are lost, or unavailable to me; so, I can’t know what the names of the poems were in those parts. All original spelling and punctuation has been retained.

-and I want to add, that he and his work seem to also be influenced by the works and life of James Joyce, the famous Irish writer.

Dry Bones

Collected Works 1985-1990

In Five Parts

I. Young Songs.

1. Here Comes Everyone

2. A Song to Sea Venus

3. Travelling Song

4. Paradox Found

5. Azer Aprilend Song

6. A Winter’s Passage

7. Morning Star

8. but

9. A jenerous song

10. Ad-versity Lyrico

11. Part a World

12. Nine Lives

13. Pass me by, passerby.

II. Anthropofables.

1. Accept No Substitutes

2. Boon’s to bear

3. When Babies Grope

4. At the La Boul’ May 1986

5. Well Done

6. Who will notice?

7. Ostensibly Affine Locus

8. Dearth Day


10. Let’s GROM

11. Urbanity

12. Rhythmic Issues in hope of Poem

13. destiny in blue:coda

III. Reflective Visors.

1. Brought to you by

2. And he’d never even read Ulysses

3. Untitled

4. Speciality Items


6. So To Do After

7. She’s Still There

8. Vignette

9. Stitching Spline

10. Touch the Body, Its Always

11. Sketch

12. Rework ?

13. Saurusong

IX. Biff DuPrix’s Journal


V. Sceneasons.


*           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *           *

So. here’s the first sample for you today.

Clipboard (1)a

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