Some of the late Jae Vrai’s poetry; I like it and want you to see some.

Henry's Blog,

Hello fellow photographers and bloggers,

I’m doing something different for you today. It is the middle month of summer right now (roughly July 21 to Aug 21), and summer is in its glory. The wine will be good next year. I will be continuing with the collages for you, after this, and finishing up the presentation of Brazilian Models, with collages of three supermodels.

Today, though, something else from the collections of the late Jae Vrai: his poetry.  Jae Kamel has provided some info about them: Jae Vrai had made some of his poems available to the public online, and those too I downloaded after we got word of his demise. Yes, we were fb friends, and I feel comfortable that he would have wanted his collections to be online, perhaps in a blog. JV used to read his poems publicly, and the last place he read at, was the…

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