Updates and Graffiti…Collages Fernanda Tavares & Isabeli Fontana

8jul13 Update:

Hello followers and bloggers:

So, I seem to have posted images, which you are no longer interested in. Your (collective) initial response was encouraging, and on wordpress, I found it remarkable to have even 10 followers. Now, I have first posted world-class Graffiti, and I thought I could here you yawning, all the way over here in Carson where I live. Then I posted images of a really classic beauty, Isabeli Fontana, a Brazilian Fashion Model. Your yawns became snores. So… I have therefore decided to show you some more Brazilian models. I’m not looking for you to like my collages, since I would make them anyway; but I do want to show you the beauty of some of the Brazilian models. I agree with Ravel when she says that, Brazil almost had the market cornered for a few years, they had so many beauties coming from there, into Fashion Modeling. So…

Here are some collages from the gallery of Fernanda Tavares.

tavares tavares1 tavares2 tavares3 tavares4

29jun13 Update:

Hello bloggers,

This writer is somewhat surprised that there weren’t more of you that liked the Grafitti collages. That’s since (a) it is public art and urban art; (b) it continues with the City theme of the collages below; and (c) that is some of the best recent Grafitti artwork in the world. Some of it is not, but rather were paintings that this writer liked  more for one reason or another. But the pro-quality Tags, are, as many are fond of saying these days, world-class. And all those,around 50 images or more, are just a small sample of the images of Grafitti online. That is, Ravel Patel and me were planning a series of those for you.

So, I want to do a little introduction for her, since she’s a big contributor (of images, art, and URLs) and since I’ve mentioned her name a few times earlier in this blog. Living in either Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo, a 40-something artist, both pro and amateur. Most well known for her Graffiti, which she has a great talent for. But also, like most of you that are artists, she can learn a new medium, and eventually master it. And so, some of the thematic collections come from her, and we all agree that her thematic collections are the best of our group. We met her through her acquaintance with Julie Eclair, the woman who does all the image work, all the still photos and movies, the A/V, and thematic URLs Lists,  for Jae Kamel and Jone Dae; the make the JKU.

Some of her collections, the name is the theme, the digit means whether it was the first, second, or third group of those themed collections. For instance, she has made two collections called The Beach, in black & white; two Beach groups in color, three of them called The Countryside in b&w, three in color; and others. I haven’t made collages for all of them, but some are below; and if you see any titles missing of the collages, please let me know. If I see enough interest in my work, I’ll add to them the URLs where the galleries themselves may be found.

Also, she has a remarkable collection of Brazilian Models and Supermodels. She said, that those listed here are her picks from among the many Brazilian Fashion Models working today, or that did work in the past. So, I’m posting here collages from those albums, in order to see if you like them better than the Graffiti. The first one will be Isabeli Fontana, whom I found to be a model with a lot of ‘looks’, lots of classical looks, and Latin looks, and so on. I hope that you enjoy these. If you want to see our collections of the other models, let us know by liking this one, Isabeli Fontana. Ms. Patel is not or wordpress, but you can make comments directly to her on her facebook timeline, send her a facebook message, and if you want to.


For this somewhat larger gallery (110 images) I have made six collages instead of the usual five.

fontana1 fontana2 fontana3 fontana4 fontana5 fontana

23jun13 Update:

Hello fellow bloggers,

I have been looking for more feedback about which types of art you liked collages of the best. Most of my posts so far have followers, but the first few posts had many collages, of different kinds of Art: Some Fine Art, some Graffiti, Fashion Models, Celebrities, and Fine Art Nudes. Which ones did you like best? So, this time I’m posting Graffiti collages only, most new, some old. Also, for those of you who already know something about the art of graffiti, you’ll note that some of the  Tags here are by the best tag artists in the world. Some of the collages just explode with movement and color, enjoy these.

BTW I don’t know which of you follows Jone’s blog, jonedae.wordpress.com, but, she has recently started posting visual materials, Fine Art collages that she made. So, to hit the ball back across the net to her….


Graffiti1 Graffiti2 Graffiti3 Graffiti4 Graffiti5 Graffiti6 Graffiti7 Graffiti8

One thought on “Updates and Graffiti…Collages Fernanda Tavares & Isabeli Fontana

  1. Those collages are the best collection of Graffiti that I have ever seen. I think that your viewers and followers may not know what those tags are! They are ornate, basically mathematical, distortions of the letters of the person’s tag-name or -initials. That should help them understand what they’re seeing better. That is, the artists is doing difficult things with the shapes, either in their head or on paper, etc., to create the tag and to plan out its application to whatever wall, etc. Knowing that, you start to see how impressive those tags are. Remember, the GP has been told and sold the idea, that Graffiti artists are criminals, who sneak around doing vandalism, defacing things, and so on. That is one of the ways the Americans have been turned into philistines and barbarians; and one of the consequences of them having become philistines and barbarians is that cities and counties are given money to destroy Graffiti, and maintain crews of jokers that go around destroying free public art. That is what Graffiti really is, of course; it is free public art, done at no cost to the public, and donated free for their enjoyment or whatever. It is the crews that cover the Graffiti, that cost the public money, so, any accounting for “costs the taxpayer money” goes to those city and county governments! I am opposed to the suppression of the the public, the suppression of Graffiti artists, and feel that free people should be allowed to make urban beauty and not suppressed!


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