Fine Art Collages…

Update for July 28, 2013:

I have redone some of the Fine Art Collages, and will upload the new ones here. Let me know what you like, dislike,or whatever.

Jone Dae.

Hockney Hockney1 Hockney1_2 Hockney2 Hockney2_2 Hockney3 Hockney3_2 Hockney4 Hopper Hopper1 Hopper1_2 Hopper2 Hopper2_2 Hopper3

koons2_2 koons1_2 Collages koons

7jul13 Update Part Deux:

I’ve decided to show you the artwork of David Hockney, as well. Again, 3 collages:

Hockney1 Hockney2 Hockney3

-Let me know, won’t you, if you would like to see more artwork from these painters? Or if you don’t like collage? I sort-of was using collages since Henry picked-up 10 new followers with his, but if you would rather see the galleries, the images of each painting instead, just let me know!  🙂

-Jone Dae

7jul13 Update:

Hello Bloggers!  I’m adding some more Fine Art Collages today, thank you for your interest. The artist is Giorgio De Chirico. Perhaps some of you, didn’t realize that the Martin Mull paintings are hanging in museums and galleries. That is, you’re non-artists. So, FYI, what the [New York] MoMA says about De Chirico: “Italian painter, writer, theatre designer, sculptor and printmaker. De Chirico was one of the originators of Pittura Metafisica. His paintings are characterized by a visionary, poetic use of imagery, in which themes such as nostalgia, enigma and myth are explored. He was an important source of inspiration for artists throughout Europe in the inter-war years and again for a new generation of painters in the 1980s. His abrupt stylistic changes, however, have obscured the continuity of his approach, which was rooted in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, and this has often led to controversy.”


DeChirico DeChirico1 DeChirico2

21jun13 Update: I’m on vacation now, and taking a break from working on the Lists, for a while.

So, some visual posts instead.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Martin Mull, the painter, but he is… and I’ve made some collages (thanks Henry) of his artwork.

And, a few movie posters and album covers, also…

mull mull1 mull2 mull3


2 thoughts on “Fine Art Collages…

  1. Jone, I really enjoy these concentrations. Object orientation is not just a paradigm for computer programmers but also a compression technique of the times. Thanks!


    • Dow,
      Well, and it is a good thing to see intelligent comments like yours; intelligent people are still only about 1% of the population
      or less, so, one has to wait for them.
      Also, the subject concentrations help me with my work, that’s how Jae started making them, related URLs grouped together thematically. He’s just retired, but still had the habits of working, and so had to make these Lists, Jae Kamel’s URLs, as a bridge to cross into being really retired. He eventually got bogged down by so much material that he asked for my help; that’s when I started co-writing the Lists with him.
      Feel free to send me any corrections or new URLs you’d like to see there.


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