Photo Essay: Doorways, color version 1. Collages.

Dear “Followers”:

18jun13: More of you “liked” the Doorways – Black & White version, than any other single post or subject – !  So, now that it is ready, here are five collages from the Color version. Again, let me know what you want more or less of, and I can tailor posts to your preferences. Comment, please.


doorwayscoldoorwayscol1 doorwayscol3doorwayscol2   doorwayscol4

3 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Doorways, color version 1. Collages.

  1. Four more of you have already ‘liked’ this post, so I guess the collection, the photo essay, and these collages from it, are a success. Thank you all for being my followers, and for liking my work. And Welcome! to Ron Scubadiver, Dmitrii, Cheryl Moore, Your Daily Phil, and Katie McKeon23.


    • Hi, Henry. I agree with Singh Style. I look at some of your followers’ blogs as well, and share your love of Art. However…. I’m searching for the word, it is like ‘sexy’ or ‘sensual’. That is, of all your collages, that are on your blog, this one seems the ‘sexiest’ one yet; but it still has Art to it, the principles of Art, from the plastic arts and photography, are still evident in these newest collages. I guess, not everyone would like the new collages; but then again, maybe those kinds of people don’t blog on wordpress. But even a non-artist would find them colorful, and notice, say, a balance among the shapes and colors, the poses and styles, in the collection. -I see that you did one after this, that model Isabeli Fontana. Nice gallery, and some good collages of her; but a poor response from your followers and others. -What will you do next?


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