The City! Collages, City 1 & 2.

31 may13
Update for all my ‘followers’ and fellow artists.
One of you has written and said that they are confused about what the City
galleries/albums are, and who made them, and so on; so a few notes.
Yes, I should have labelled each collage as it was uploaded, but, at the time, I was concerned to get the photography up first, so that we could all connect with each other. That worked well, and I have enjoyed most of your blogs, you are the kind of photographers and artists that I hoped to find on WordPress. But most won’t know who’s in the collages, and so on, so I am making labels and such for them for you. So, the short story on the City galleries/albums.

The City – Original, also called City1 Original:
This was the original collection that started it all, made by the late Jae
Vrai. Mr. Kamel thoughtfully downloaded all his FB albums, after he was deceased, and before FB deleted the account. About a year after that, Jae Kamel made those collections available to me, and I uploaded the original gallery to my FB albums. Note: the original The City collection, as it appears on my FB albums, is modified and improved version of the original. Furthermore, these collages will be from newer versions of these galleries than appear in the respective owners’ FB albums.
The City – new, also called City1 and City1 – new.
This was my first creative project involving the combined collections which
others made available to me, and some of my own collections. I attempted to imitate the style and content of the Original City album.  At first, I was working only from my own collections, and did not then have the others’ galleries to work from. After that, the album was edited and improved. That album, as you can see, was almost entirely Fashion Models, Fashion Supermodels, and Celebrities. However, I didn’t want to be redundant, or merely copying Jae Vrai’s work, so my Reply, City1 – new, is really different from either of the other collections and albums. It has been improved several times during the past year. Of course, it still has some, perhaps mostly images of Fashion Models and Celebrities (actors and actresses) in it.
The City – A Reply, also called City2 and The City2
This started out as Jae Kamel’s response and reply to the original album. He liked Mr. Vrai’s idea, and so made his own “The City” collection, and uploaded it to his FB albums. Since then, it has gone through many changes and improvements, mostly during the past year. He also originally tried to use only Celebrities and Fashion Models for that, but, really found much better images, more interesting and higher quality, after removing those restrictions. In our phone conversation last year, (he lives in Indiana), we agreed that, by looking for any HQ, suitable image, we found much more interesting images, than we could if we restricted it to Fashion Models and Celebrities. However, we also agreed that all the images should be HQ, interesting, relevant, and make an interesting slide show, gallery, or collage. If anyone asks for a link to the gallery containing images used in my collages, I’ll provide it. I have also considered uploading slideshows of the galleries, since I can make them .exe (free standing executable file) or .scr (windows screensaver file); but I’d like to see a request for one first. The image collections of the four of us, represent now about five years worth of work. And of course, all of us have real lives and so can’t spend all our time on the galleries. Many of the images cannot be found on the Web anymore; and many more cannot be found in the form we have them: too small, not HQ, altered, ruined by logos and so on. That is, another artist or photographer could  not reproduce our work if he tried; he would only waste hundreds of hours
trying to scour the Web, looking for images that just aren’t there any more. We all had the advantage of using Jae Kamel’s advanced knowledge of search tools and search engines, and Julie Eclair’s long work on collecting image gallery links, photographer tools, image editors, photo websites, etc., on her Lists. Therefore,we know that our work in unique and of interest to many.  All three City collections have undergone recent improvement. So, I have made for you new collages of those galleries, and slideshows by request. I will also make mosaics or panoramas by request, just ask.

City1new      City1 – new

City1 - original3 City1 – original

City1 - original4 City1 – original

City1 - original2 City1 – original

City2new3 City2 – new

City1 - original  City1 – original

City2new2 City2 – new

City2new1 City2 – new

City1new4 City1 – new

City1new3 City1 – new

City1new2 City1 – new

City2new City2 – new

City1new1City1 – new

City2new4 City2 – new

City1 - original1 City1 – original

4 thoughts on “The City! Collages, City 1 & 2.

    • Hello sexcontact,
      I was great that you liked my blog. If you tell me which types of photos or photo-artwork, such as collages, you like best, I can make more of those types, or send to you/post links the galleries.


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