Art Photography: Doorways, black & white Collages & FB link.

17jun13. Continuing today’s Updates.

Well, so, a question via gmail, do you always make 5 collages for each gallery? Why?

A: When I started, I didn’t know how many to make. As with physical collages, the more you work the better you get at it, so some have trouble stopping. For that reason there was some control on the number I would do; and since these can go directly to an audience, I also had to ask myself, how many would they look at? We all know the feeling, of something that starts out with, one image you want to look at, or blog, and gradually becomes a whole set of confusing and byzantine structures to look through. And for those using legacy OS or equipment, it can be the worst night mare of all. So, those considerations led to, settling on five collages per gallery. Most of the galleries are below 100 images each, some a little over an hundred. And that makes even a very large image, still too crowded, with too many very small images. It also demands more that each image be as clear as possible (see other Updates here for today). So, I make two collages from all the images, one a reshuffling of them from the other. Then, so that you can see some images larger and so on, I make 3 collages with featured selections from each gallery. Those 3, of course, I try to make as different from each other as possible, so that in the end you have seen an overview of the collection, and 3 samples to give you an idea of the range, content, and effect of the collection, were it seen, for example, on some hi-res large screen display, or as a slideshow, video or animation file, and so on. I have a friend, who is the research and recording manager at a studio in Culver City. She has shown me the best A/V or multimedia apps for each OS and physical computer that I use. And I know for sure, that I am not the only artist who has a legacy computer in his studio; nor am I the only one who plays music when he works! So, she has been helpful to me. Anyway, if someone liked a given collection enough, I can now make .avi, and other format video files, animated gifs, slideshows (as .exe or .scr), slideshows or .avi with music, and so on.

In another Update today, I mentioned that some artists held out for a very long time, longer than other kinds of people did, before becoming involved with digital image technology and computers. I personally know some who waited 20 years, and some who never did, and still won’t have one in their house!  Therefore, I’m showing where I belong in line, and not boasting, when I tell you how long I held out. …Guesses?? ….Come on, guess!  When did I buy my first personal laptop computer, with all the required and extra stuff?

Ha! No! I waited much longer than that. No! I didn’t really become involved fully in all the software, browser, app foolishness until… wait for it… 2012!!!!!!

Before that time, I always just used other people’s computers, such as the ones at University Libraries. So…

Anyway, enjoy the photos. I’ll have captions and stuff for them all soon.



Hello Friends,

I have a gallery on facebook, here , and have made 4 collages from it for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to comment.

Also, soon I will add labels, or some way of identifying the collages, which gallery they came from, and so on. Then, if you wish to see that gallery, ask and I’ll send you a link. Alternatively, you can search on facebook for them yourself.



Second Collage from the Doorways – Black and White gallery.
From Henry Koehler’s Collections.


Third Collage from the Doorways – Black and White gallery.
From Henry Koehler’s Collections.


First Collage from the Doorways – Black and White gallery.
From Henry Koehler’s Collections.


Fourth Collage from the Doorways – Black and White gallery.
From Henry Koehler’s Collections.


Fifth collage from Doorways – Black & White.
From Henry Koehler’s collections.


3 thoughts on “Art Photography: Doorways, black & white Collages & FB link.

    • Hello Singh,
      If you tell me what you liked best about my collections, which are really the combined collections of five people, which I have become the curator of, I can post more of what you like, or send to you/post links to the galleries. I will be deleting some of the older posts soon, so that I can re-present the material in a more organized way, and, that may include the post you commented on. So, feedback will insure that I continue to post the kind of photos or photo-art that you like.


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