New Collages…Brooke Shields & The City 2

17 May Update: So, some of you have been waiting for the collages from the fifth and final Brooke Shields gallery; and sadly you will have to wait a little more, until I have time for those. Until then, though, here are some collages from Jae’s Natasha Kinski gallery. If the name isn’t familiar, she is the daughter of the famous director Klaus Kinski, a model and an actress, known for such films as Cat People, Stay As You Are, and Paris, Texas. Vidcaps from each of those movies are in these collages. She acted in 60 films total, both American and European.  Five collages.

kinski1 kinski2 kinski3 kinski4 kinski

13may13 Update: I hadn’t expected that these collages would be so popular. I was surprised also by the interest in art-photo collage of Brooke Shields, in particular. So, here are collage from the next two galleries of his, Galleries 3 and 4.

I made 6 collages for each gallery, 3 with all the images and 3 with selected images. I hope you enjoy them. HJK

shields45 shields44 shields43 shields42 shields41 shields4 shields36 shields35 shields34 shields32 shields31 shields3shields1shields2 shields11 shields21

So, some of you will recognize the name Jae Kamel, by now. Well, now Jae has generously shared some of his archive galleries with me, namely, his Brooke Shields gallery. Perhaps, photos of Ms. Shields are interesting only to collectors these days; but, I’m an artist, and post these collages for the benefit of artists. And these galleries are interesting, since, as you’ll see, each image in them has been edited or processed; his galleries are free from the usual garbage images that are available online. Apparently, there are also a few rare cases where an image had to kept “as is” or mostly so, for technical reasons; some especially older images don’t tolerate a lot of reworking, and look much worse no matter what you do. But his collection is also impressive, containing, for example, images that are not even available online any more; and he strove for a balance in each gallery, there are five of them, between the kinds of images there are of her or of her work, online. So, you artists and photographers will no doubt like these collages – all of them – better than the general public would.

Collages from the first two of those galleries are shown above.

Feel free to comment is you have something to say.

Henry Jay

If you’re new to these collages, I’ll re-mention that they are large, big enough for a widescreen monitor, i.e. desktop to background. Any distortion or image degradation is from the uploading-and-posting process, not in the collages themselves. If any of you see a collage or set of them that you especially like, just comment and tell me, or write to me here or via e-mail, and I can send you the one(s) you like directly. HJK.

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