One thought on “more…Fine Art, The City, Graffiti Collages

  1. there are 6 new collages that were uploaded today. These are from 3 galleries, City 1 (original), City1 new, and City2new. The original City, was made by someone who’s deceased now, He lived in Boulder and was originally FB friends with the late Jae Vrai. At all events, he wrote privately to Jae Kamel then, and asked him about posting City online. Subsequently JK received the collection electronically from JV. When JK wrote to me and told me of JV’s demise, I was eventually able to receive City from him. In it’s original form, it is in my FB albums. But when the two J’s eventually met, JK was inspired to make a reply, I believe the album was named City 2, on his own FB pages. So, that is where City renamed City 1, and The City, A Reply, renamed City2, came from. I did two versions of each collage of each City. So, that’s 4 collages. The one is some new work that JK has been working on, called City 1:new. But his new college of humans in their cities uses basically new images, with very few repeated from his City2. That is, he is continuing and carrying on the work that the deceased cannot, as his own Collage Update. So, that’s the third pair of collages, for six collages total in this Update. Feel free to write with any questions or comments.


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