Collages: Art & Photography Collections.

June 17 2013 Update.

Hello Friends and Followers,

So, I have some updates to this post for you. The reason that the collages are not labelled, isn’t that you don’t need a label for purely visual material. It’s true, but some will still want to know, Who is that? Is that from your own collection? Is the collection online? What’s the URL. And so, I labelled each collage, in their folder, exactly that way, with the same of the folder that the collage came from. But when wordpress uploaded them, it stripped the labels off of them, same as facebook does. But in order to go through all the posts below, and restore the labels and enlarge them, I would have to first remove them and then repost them. Why? WordPress has arranged them in a way that does not allow spaces, or cr/lf, to be inserted between the images, either vertically or horizontally. So, one literally can’t add labels to them.

So, it will be some time still before I can complete labels for you. I thought that the tagging would help, in the meanwhile; I’ll recheck the tags and make sure that more info is given.

The new labels will contain more info and have those URLs as well. Check back from time to time, or configure your response widgets to notify you automatically.


P.S. I wanted to draw one thing to your attention. In all these photos and paintings, there is no sex, nor any sexual activity, shown. That is a very important thing to notice, for several reasons, which I’m sure you can imagine. For instance, one of the first images that catches your eye, when you look at this blog and read top down, is the largest photo in the top collage. This is a black and white photo of Isabella Fontana at work, for probably fashion jeans of some kind. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that she and the male model are not touching. Their lips do not meet; his hand is positioned (posed) at the back of her head, not holding it; and in other words, she is not actually kissing. I guess that is the point; even in vidcaps from movies, you are seeing (a) body doubles, who are (b) not actually having any kind of sex at all. but with the Fashion Models, it is a daring photographer who makes the models touch each other, and it is not a common practice. Also it is a daring model who will do that work; they can pick and choose which jobs they take. You know, on my travels through the U.S., I often met those who called such images ‘pornogaphy’ and ‘filthy’, or similar words. It makes me glad ironically, that they don’t know that the human figure is a regular subject of study, not only for all artists, but for many photographers as well. If they did know, they might try to stop it. And I have seen horrific posts from artists and photographers who were stopped by, e.g., Midwesterners, etc., from viewing working Fashion Models and Supermodels, who are the best in the world at what they do. Isabella Fontana is one such model; she’s Brazilian and therefore come from Ravel Patel’s collection of the best Brazilian Models and Supermodels. Now, I know that the term ‘Supermodel’ has become somewhat dated and isn’t used as much any more, but, it was nevertheless the fashion business itself that called three of those Brazilian Models, Supermodels, and they were Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Giselle Bundchen. We are indeed lucky that Ravel Patel has contributed her Fashion Collections to the project we’ve got going here.

So, if you are hounded and pestered by the kinds of people, make them look close enough to see that the models are not kissing, are fully clothed, and are not touching!  Even a simple glance at one Fashion page of say, Ms. Fontana, and then another at an actual porn site, immediately leaves no doubt is a sane person’s mind, that they are as different as two kinds of photo can be; the best from our cultures, versus the worst. So, let me know what you think of this problem.







A collage of the Fashion Model Anouck Lepere from Belgium.
From Henry Koehler’s Collection.


From The Beach – Color version.
From Ravel Patel’s Fashion Collection.

From The Beach – Color version, Number 2.
From Ravel Patel’s Fashion Collections.


A collage of the Fashion Model Anouck Lepere from Belgium.
From Henry Koehler’s Collection.


A collage of the Fashion Model Anouck Lepere from Belgium.
From Henry Koehler’s Collection.


A collage of the Fashion Model Anouck Lepere from Belgium.
From Henry Koehler’s Collection.



Collage of Andromeda.
From Henry Koehler’s collections.


Fashion Model Shannan Click.
From Ravel Patel’s Fashion Collections.


Have A Nice Day,

Henry Jay

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