What does Easter have to do with Service?

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Hi Henry Jay, Thanks so much for sending this. I just sent it out to all my student-friends and information lovers.  It is a great resource, I appreciate the reminder of it. I really enjoyed the top 10 reasons one should be careful about Wikipedia. An excellent reminder!  My recent fave is the flu vaccine article on Wikipedia which reads like an ad for the pharmaceutical industry.  Sheesh!  Thanks also for the note below.  I am also reading more on line but truly prefer a book… (rest of her letter removed for privacy)

OK, so no more chatting! Happy April 2 to you


Hi N,
Yah. Nice to see you on top of it again. You sound healthy and happy and energetic in your letter. (reply edited for privacy…)

… But, the work that you are doing that might benefit so-called third world countries, and slow the spread of HIV and such, is wonderful service work, you are lucky to have an opportunity to serve in that way.  It is right for you to feel joy at that prospect; and, of course, we cannot evolve without doing our Being-Partkdolgduty. That is the message of Easter: that a human can be transformed, physically as well as otherwise, into a new being, and one that is (as it were) eternal. That is, the old human dies and is reborn; there is a resurrection. The new human is alive; the old one was dead. There is a letter I want you to read here. So, in other words, the kinds of rules that we alchemists or magicians have to follow, don’t come from any kind of morality. They come from material and physical considerations; and many people today have a lot of trouble with that, since the kind of Science that they believe in today, doesn’t have a way to understand the materials that Gurdjieff was describing, that are involved with the transformation processes. Being-Partkdolgduty means, that you make the other person more important than you are; that is one of ways of seeing it. It is Service. And the practice of it produces, within your organism, substances that are necessary for the transformational processes to continue. Gurdjieff deliberately and intentionally used material, physical, and scientific terms when describing the alchemical transformation process; and too many people today don’t understand that. Anyway, so therefore, someone who is transforming him- or herself, does service not from obedience, or conformity, or imitation, or any of that; Krishnamurti saw that point too, and said so. They aren’t living like saints out of moral considerations, but out of considerations of what behaviors aid or facilitate the transformation processes, and which hinder them. Not very many people know this, N.
So, in other words, we were designed as self-evolving organisms. That’s the Good News, that’s the Gospel. That is, what Rabbi Yeheshua was teaching: he was from a School, but was born at a very high level of being, and most would say, the highest level that we know of. Gurdjieff was also born at a high level of being. All of that talks about the work that the being did in his or her previous lives. In other words, Gurdjieff saw what Yeheshua was teaching, and was compelled to devote his life to making the transformational knowledge, methods, processes, and techniques available to people, who were suitable  for them, and to teaching them to others; he thought that nothing was more important than that; every thing he ever did, every thought, every motion, every feeling and effort, was for that purpose. And so, he was a Real Christian, one of the very few of those, indeed, that lived in the 19th and 20th centuries, that we have any knowledge of. I really have backed-into something big here, N, and wasn’t what I meant to say today; but it is what’s on my mind, and when you see the other letter you’ll see more about that. This is a topic that it is difficult to say only a few words about, since they’re not enough; but I always try to keep my message online short, for you or anyone, and that’s a real struggle sometimes.
At all events, real Christianity is not about all the myths and fairy-tales, that’s for sure.
Don’t be put-off by G’s neologisms, as some are. He had very good reasons for making the words he did, and using them the way he did, and most people do not know that; and many in the Work, or in the Fourth Way more generally, do not respect that. Some other time, if you’re interested, I can reveal what those reasons were, but it would be best if you read the book first, then the explanation will make more sense.
The O.T.O. with whom I had involvements for years, mostly in the 1980s, had a motto: “The Aim of Religion, the Method of Science”. They understood this point that I’m making; and in some ways, Crowley was as close to the real thing, Gurdjieff for example, and Jan Cox later ever was. Anyway, people today, we Americans for sure, have these mental compartments, which are part of how we are taught to thing, Yes, that’s right, we are taught how to think, when we are young, and throughout our lives we are told what to think, as well. And most people do so, and then call those thoughts their own, and call them “me”. And one of the things that we are taught, is that Religion and Science are totally opposite, as opposite as two things can be. But that is a lie, it is the exact opposite of what the truth is. Science as it is practiced in America today is a religion, and it is viewed and understood by people in religious ways; that’s what happens when you take their normal religions away from them, as we have done. But also, the real holy man or woman, lives and practices the real religion; Jan was saying that, when he called his followers, or described to them the person they should try to become, as “the Real Revolutionary”. So, in other words, people’s mental categories and habits prevent them from seeing these things. The Holy Spirit, as described in the NT, was fully and completely material. When Einstein showed that matter and energy are basically the same thing, since one can be converted into the other, he wasn’t inventing anything at all, that knowledge was well-known in both historical and ancient times. But, so, the practice of this, what we could call true religion, for lack of a better term for now, is the practice of alchemical, material transformation; and it was what Yeheshua taught. But what Gurdjieff called ‘material’ we today break up into smaller categories; ‘material’ comprises anything that exists; and everything that we can know about is coarser or finer, or, at lower or higher vibrational rates. For example, as a biochemist you know that molecules vibrate, and that given molecules have specific vibrational rates, and so on. So, what he called ‘material’, we call, matter, energy, and fantasies, respectively, going from lower to higher vibrational rates, or from coarser to finer materials. However, there is much, much more to the nature, structure, composition, and behavior of material substances throughout Universe than just their frequencies. R. Buckminster Fuller, had quite a lot to say about that; and so, then, did Mr. Gurdjieff.
Probably this, the studies of Christianity and all its forms, scriptures, histories, etc., isn’t your area; and I rarely have a chance to talk with anyone who knows anything about it, aside from folks who believe that ancient Aramaic prayers and songs have more power than those in other languages. Nevertheless, you can learn what Yeheshua was saying and doing with his Parables, by reading what Maurice Nicoll and John Bennett had to say about them. …For now, a good place to start, is to read Bennett’s short essay on The Sermon On The Mount, some of his best writing. And you probably suspected it, but now you know, when they say, “He Is Risen”, they don’t mean any one particular man. They mean, a Transformed Man exists. And throughout the NT, when they say “so any person can etc. if they will just etc.”, they are pointing out that every human has the possibility of self-evolving. That’s the God that is In Man. We can all become Saints and so on. That’s the Good News. So, I just wanted someone to know what Easter really means and what it refers to; and its overlaying the pagan nature rites of spring, which led to the Easter eggs as we know them, was done by the Catholic Church. They co-opted all the popular and pagan holidays, replacing them with Catholic Holidays, so as to bring everyone into The Church; they wanted everyone to be in The Church, like it or not. So, that’s where the eggs and basket some from. Ironically, there is some evidence that the real person, Yeheshua, was born in March, a few days after the Equinox… but I am diverging there.
The energy and joyfulness in your reply really helped me today. Thank you. Write when you can…
Henry Jay.

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